Monday, March 8, 2010

I forgot how much I love making jewelry

Phew, I've been so busy! Sick and busy. Our wedding planning is in full swing, in fact our amazing cake topper arrived today and just sort of sealed my level of excitement! I've got a few projects done and several more underway so look forward to a DIY wedding post soon!

Through working on designs for my Bridal party's jewelry I have seriously rediscovered my love for jewelry making. I'm on a bit of a kick right now with it so I'm making new things for the etsy shop. I'm thinking of offering jewelry pretty consistently. I just finished the two pieces above, what do you guys think? They're currently listed on etsy for any interested parties.

I'm still doing a ton of swapping on Swap-Bot. These are a few recent swaps and projects but you can often find more things that I'm working on and projects that I don't post here at my flickr.

This blog desperately needs a new layout, rainbow winter is over. I'm working on that! I've also had a lot of encouragement about my painting lately, I've been doing watercolor nearly every day. I'm planning to test out the idea of selling prints soon, I'll have a big art post coming. I'm working on designs for my Zazzle shop featuring my watercolor work, so that information is coming.

Really, I'm just surrounding myself with all manner of arts and crafts. I constantly want to improve every crafting skill, making things is what I am passionate about. It is my life, hopefully it will a real sustaining career soon. I'll be hitting a few craft fairs this spring, the first will be an experimental/indie festival here in Athens in April, info coming soon =)

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