Thursday, September 17, 2009

Artfire users, share your opinion!

SHOP UPDATE: A couple new items up in the shop... I'm really fond of the seashell comb. The cute little crocheted flowers were made by You'll Bee Hooked on Etsy. I've also listed a bunch of jewelry that I made years ago, all never worn, for $2-5/per piece. They're Etsy exclusive!

I'm curious to hear from other Artfire users- do you still use Etsy as well? And secondly, if you have a paid membership, do you feel that it has made a substantial difference in the business coming into your Artfire shop?

If you like free music then check out my future brother in law's band, Suburban Soul. They're really fantastic and offering a free song on their website right now to celebrate its launch- check it out! My fiance is featured on their new album so even more reason to check them out =)

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