Monday, October 12, 2009


ATCs are so fun. I really enjoy themed ATC swaps because I love how many possibilities there are despite the restricted space. I like to work with paints, inks, markers, pastels, colored pencils, beads, and various papers on my ATCS. They're little mini works of altered art.

Here are a few of my recent creations :

My creations for the Pink Owl and Blue Boy Owl ATC swap for Swap bot on the left and my Disney Letter "W" swaps (I chose Wonderland, of course!) on the right.

I'm also having fun playing around with clay, I'm hoping I get a chance to do more of these soon. Behold, cookie magnets and earrings.

I want to try my hand at little sushi rolls and other baked treats like cakes and donuts.

I've had a few bridal customs orders lately which have been really fun for me as I'm in the process of planning my own wedding. To the right is a flower hair piece for a maid of honor that I created.

Lots of new products up in the shop and I've started a new special promotion. Beginning October 10th every purchase from Mermaids & Monkeys over $5 will receive a free gift from my inventory of handmade items! The promotion will run until I run out of gifts =)

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  1. Tamera, your ATCs are so cool! I love the Alice ones. I'm hosting a couple of swap-bot swaps - both for ATCs, one with the theme of fierce and one of a self portrait. You should check them out!