Friday, November 13, 2009

Eek! So sorry about my lack of posting, guys. I've been working more hours at my non-craft job and trying to do some wedding planning for my nuptials next year.

A shop update: M&M on Etsy is now offering FREE SHIPPING for the Holidays! I just wanted to do a little something to say thank you to all my great customers.

Keep checking back in the shop for great holiday gift ideas, I have lots of journals and altered books coming very soon! The shop has also began selling vintage items, at the moment we have some housewares (a great set of teak bowls!) as well as accessories (vintage scarves, ooh la la). I plan on expanding the vintage department asap. And the last great shop news before I get on with something fun, I've finally gotten a good printer/scanner/copier so I'll soon be offering original art, prints, invitations, and other similar printed items with my art work featured. Very excited about this!

I thought I would share a few recent photos that I've taken. I love to explore with my camera, particularly on dark and mysterious evenings.

I recently had a very "Wonderland" experience. A friend and I went walking at night through a field with just my camera and a flashlight. Instead of using flash, we shone the light on what I wanted to catch and came out with some very interesting results. I swear we saw a mome rath arrow! Here are a few shots from that evening, they have had some editing done but the majority of the affects are natural. I'd love some opinions on the shooting style.

Note to all the great swap partners I've had lately- I'm working on compiling photos for a post to show off all the amazing things I've gotten in the mail lately!

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